...you and I are not the same, though we both might have the blues, mine still has magenta painted in, and I can't sit still and take the cynic's spin.... ”

— Melissa Rempel, Me in Your Shoes

Facts about a Poet

 There is not a person alive who comes at life from the same stance as another. It is those twists in perspective that unite humanity. Melissa's music takes the box we all look at and flips it over. Nothing is isolated, Everything is up for discussion. She began life on a small farm in Saskatchewan, and those roots grew into a tree in Alberta where she still hangs her many hats. Her songwriting has a unique maturity, not merely from years of honing her craft, but also life experience, and her performances are both raw and real. In Melissa Rempel is both person and musician, and while you may hire a performer, you get a live one, in the truest sense of the word.  She will invite you on a journey with those original tunes, all of which evidence the eclectic flavour of her influences... everything from blues, jazz and classical to the vocally harmonic bands of the 70's and 80's.

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This Songwriter also does Covers, Instrumental gigs if you need a little ambiance... Concerts, Festivals, or Venues with a spot for a little live music contribution, or perhaps some Collaboration. Have an idea you want to run by her? Ask. The only question unanswered is the one not voiced.

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