Silly Poet! Every one knows a bio is prose.! ahh... but isn't that what a songwriter is, a silly poet?


Barefoot Toes 

A long time ago when the grass was blue,  and the sky was bottle green,  

A little girl sat in her farm basement room 

with a chrome buttoned tape machine 

her little voice sang just a little off key 

but the song was a precious one- 

For she was Melissa, down deep in her soul 

the passion was there, to her small barefoot toes 

but who would she be and where would she go? 


Her road of life wandered and wove through the land 

she grew and matured , as only songwriters can 

hard knocks and road signs  kept life’s truth aloof—

Till she sat long and hard, in the Great Maker’s Lap 

Long there and hard there, quite conscious of that  

she took out her pen, sat down at at the piano 

And one by one wrote, and she sang as she wrote 

O she sang every note, and she poured out her soul 

And now what do you know - did the little girl grow? 


She did, and she does, for that is the secret  

that makes these new songs, have their old soul repeaters 

She wants to sing them, and you want to hear them 

For the secret she knows, down to her barefoot toes 

that her wandering and weaving o’er life’s bumpy roads  

sometimes o’erlaps with wherever yours goes.

always been a silly poet!