Over the course of my own journey, I have found that life experiences have unique ways of slowing or stagnating our healing process. Because of this, I have begun to offer Intuitive Healing Conversations alongside the reflexology and herbology I use in my alternative health practice. This is a trauma informed consultation that is designed to help you move yourself forward in the direction you want to go. It's not a session that will teach you to cope or avoid triggers, but one that will equip you with emotional tools and engage your own spiritual intuition so that you can move through the obstructions to wellness. 

If this interests you, please use the contact form to reach me, so that we can set up a time for the conversation. 

I have added a section in the store area to make payment possible from wherever you are... and the wonderful part of technology is that we can have a conversation anywhere. There is a post in my blog that explains part of what I would help you with, called, The One Whose Dream We Are. It is found, here https://melissarempelmusic.com/blog/blog/7049834/the-one-whose-dream-we-are.