Growth happens in the rain

So many things require time. I've tripped on Love, of late, and found it also caught me. Parts of my soul are healing, parts of my heart discovering that they are alive and well. In the process of becoming, I have found that there are periods of silence in a writer's life, where absorbing the sound of that space is more vital to being than the expression born of the angst. Walks in the rain are as therapeutic as vacations on beaches. Seeing the beauty anywhere is a choice. And I have chosen to see. I'm looking forward to what comes out of this season of healing. 

New Release for the Christmas Season

Sometimes it takes a while for a song to solidify. Quite possibly it takes a while for the writer to mature to a point where she truly has a grasp on what it is she has written. Anna's Song is such a piece for me. The haunting melody contrasted with the realization that the Messiah, the Long Awaited One, has come, and humanity no longer waits for rescue because it has been revealed that the path of peace is within provides a moment of both celebration and reflection. Listen, enjoy, and take it with you when you go, along with the hope for the most beautiful of seasons. 

Melissa and the Reckless Valentines

Very good things happen when a band gets together... Meet my Reckless Valentines. Follow me here or on Facebook to find out where we are playing next. Or book us for your next event... Ryan Harbidge, Orlando Agostino, and Sean Tyler Foley have made it so easy to play well with others. 

What's on the Go?

Today on my doorstep there was a box. Not just any box, though it was the first of it's kind to arrive here... in it was something lovely, something I ache to share with you... 

If you are like me, and prefer the hard copy with it's evidences... there you are, I suppose I'd let one go your way!

If you are like me, and prefer the hard copy with it's evidences... there you are, I suppose I'd let one go your way!


Dr. Seuss wrote a book called “Great Day For UP!” In it, all the creatures and the people are challenged to join the day “…the sun gets up, so up with you! up ear number one, ear number two…” and yet, the narrator of the story is abed at the end of the book “…til every person, pig and pup, is up…” he says, “except for me, please go away, no up, I’m sleeping in today.” 

It is so easy to forget that we are called to join the dance, that we get up with the Son, and that while there is freedom to say no to the ever present flow of life around us, the joy is in becoming a willing participant, freely without worry, resting in the Source of the flow to safely carry us.

Life is never the doing, it is the being. But a lot gets done. And, One, must choose to get up.