Dr. Seuss wrote a book called “Great Day For UP!” In it, all the creatures and the people are challenged to join the day “…the sun gets up, so up with you! up ear number one, ear number two…” and yet, the narrator of the story is abed at the end of the book “…til every person, pig and pup, is up…” he says, “except for me, please go away, no up, I’m sleeping in today.” 

It is so easy to forget that we are called to join the dance, that we get up with the Son, and that while there is freedom to say no to the ever present flow of life around us, the joy is in becoming a willing participant, freely without worry, resting in the Source of the flow to safely carry us.

Life is never the doing, it is the being. But a lot gets done. And, One, must choose to get up.

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