Air Lifted


What if the world isn’t coming to an end? 

What if God isn’t “looking on” and biding his time until he rescues you from your misery? 

Does your faith fall apart if your hope of glory is all in the…

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Love Bubbles

I have a front door. I also have a back door. And windows, and a yard, and a front street, and a neighbourhood… Goodness gracious, I live in a town, surrounded by countryside, in which the rural extension of my…

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Sacred Space


My throat is tired, 

from crying 

from repetition. 


I thought, maybe today 

you asked because you wanted to know. 

I wish you would stop 

until you are ready. 


because I am not speaking from the theoretical 

not about these things. 

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Tulip Bulbs

I am impatient for the return of spring. The smell of the earth and the damp, crisp mornings, the expanding light and warmth of earlier sunrises and longer days that call dormant bulbs into beautiful blooms. My flower bed is…

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It's not in the Fridge

I can see the mess the world is in. I can see the fear instilled by the thoughts about the virus, and the current political climate, especially in North America. I know the Americans are louder about their opinions, but…

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Broken Glass

O, it’s true, I needed a saviour. Who doesn’t, when one's own thoughts condemn them? Who among us loves to hear the one we love retract the affirmation we give them, recanting all we know to be true of them…

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Dry Rot





but dying 


and still wounded. 


injury is deep 

but I appear impenetrable 

so it is the core 

the place where life flows freely 

but is now interrupted… 


in that place, 

I decay 

for the exposure 


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Things I'm glad I now know...


Why is a divorcee, yet to remarry, writing about marriage? Doesn’t she know that people who are successful at something should write about it? Well. No. Sometimes failure, and healing from it gives you wisdom. Sometimes learning enough to avoid…

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Flowers in the Manure Pile

I don’t want to be the person you can’t live without. I want to be the person who reminds you that you are alive. 

The deeper I move into love, the more I realize that the truest form of it…

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What If?

I wonder what would happen if we embraced the beauty and the good with the same fervour we latch on to that which scares us spitless. Humanity was given authority, Creation has bowed from the beginning. How many choices do…

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Fake News


News of the death of my faith has been greatly exaggerated. One might even call it fake news. But all the best propaganda is based on, at best, one’sjudgement of another’s actions, and at worst, outright lies. And…

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“A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet…” One should thank Shakespeare for the penning of that phrase. It is true… the wild rose in the woods so fills the air, one cannot miss it. Its power is…

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