"...Till all Graces be in One..."


“One woman is fair, yet I am well; another is wise, 

yet I am well; another virtuous, yet I am well; but till all 
graces be in one woman, one woman shall not come in 
my grace. Rich she shall

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I am whole. Complete. Intrinsically valuable. 

I am Spirit. All the way through. Body and emotions too. 

I am perfect in my manifestation. The part you see. The part I see in the mirror. The part I see when I…

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The Crack of Dawn

I am awake. Literally. It’s one in the morning and sleep did not come. It is as though in its place I feel the full weight of the anxiety of the last 21 months in full force. The dark outside…

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Borders and Boundaries

Wouldn’t life be so simple if one could change ones circle of humans as easily as one changes beliefs. It’s true, you can leave the organizations and external structures behind when you experience a crisis of faith or belief, but…

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For the Sake of Argument


Ok. I get it. We are largely polarized in Western Culture at the moment. And we all have our reasons. Some because we are educated, some because we are not educated, some because we are merely educated differently, some because…

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?


There’s been questions circulating in some of my social media groups about toxic people. When to leave, when to stay, when to run, when to shut someone out. Most of these issues come up when one party in the relationship…

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Perfect Submission

Marriage. Submission. Authority. Biblical. Anyone triggered yet? 

Across my facebook feed, in this day alone, I have seen memes in support of “biblical gender roles,” honest questions about how to heal from trauma without having a victim mentality, and further…

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O, Darling, We aren’t going to agree! 

See, I am me, 

and you are you, 

and Life… well, 

it has not gone the same for both of us. 

And each experience 

forms our response to the next. 

And on 


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Air Lifted


What if the world isn’t coming to an end? 

What if God isn’t “looking on” and biding his time until he rescues you from your misery? 

Does your faith fall apart if your hope of glory is all in the…

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Love Bubbles

I have a front door. I also have a back door. And windows, and a yard, and a front street, and a neighbourhood… Goodness gracious, I live in a town, surrounded by countryside, in which the rural extension of my…

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Sacred Space


My throat is tired, 

from crying 

from repetition. 


I thought, maybe today 

you asked because you wanted to know. 

I wish you would stop 

until you are ready. 


because I am not speaking from the theoretical 

not about these things. 

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Tulip Bulbs

I am impatient for the return of spring. The smell of the earth and the damp, crisp mornings, the expanding light and warmth of earlier sunrises and longer days that call dormant bulbs into beautiful blooms. My flower bed is…

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