Weed Status


I would rather just be
And if there wasn’t a system
I would. 
Just be.

I would embrace wonder
In every task
In every breath.

I would appreciate the design of the weed
And not have to pull it

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When Seasons Collide




I saw Spring and Fall at the end of the same branch today. Such seasonal movement is not often manifest simultaneously. And yet… moving through trauma to healing is just that. New beginnings revealing unresolved endings. There is no Winter…

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Grounded in Flow


Two days ago I stood in a cold river to cool my feet down. And to feel the earth beneath them. It's March. It's cold. It's going to snow tonight. But in that moment, it was warm. The wind and…

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“Sweet embraceable you…”

You were once to me. 

A friend beloved, a space safe. 

That is on interminable hiatus. 


My conundrum

It wasn’t my choice 

I’m not convinced 

It was yours either. 


We all walked in to the same…

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The Cost of Peace


No one enjoys conflict. Confrontation is generally an affront. All of us bristle at someone else taking issue with a behaviour or self expression. These things are normal. But, what if they didn’t have to be a threat? What if…

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No Way Around But Through


There is no way around, but through. 

There isn’t. 


There is no bypass to the process of healing. 


I grew up in a culture that begged God to heal things that needed counselling to sort out. It asked God to…

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the shadow room


It’s dark, and you’re little. You have to pee in the middle of the night. You can’t stay in bed, you have to go down the hall past that door and what looms behind it. The moon is shining in…

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I Love YOU


I love you. 


I LOVE you.


I Love YOU.


We just passed Valentine’s day. Which also happens to be the anniversary of my Love and I. Three years have passed. I think I’ve gotten younger. I laugh more, play more…

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One is Never One

I got ready for work in an empty house this morning. I drank my coffee and ate my breakfast while it was still hot. I showered and dressed without anyone calling my name. I ordered my moments, chose my music…

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I'll Give You That

I'll Give You That

If by Sovereign you mean 

All things are woven together 

To form something beautiful 

By the end of the story… 


That Sense will come of Chaos 

And something from nothing 

Invisible made visible 

By the end

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Fall Without Fear

I’m not sure why Fall and I are not getting along this year. I can take her photo, but I always seem to want to focus on where the Sun is, or the striking colour of yellow leaves against the…

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the One Whose Dream We Are



Stop beating yourself up. It isn’t that you aren’t trying. It isn’t that you don’t believe. It isn’t that you can’t meditate. It isn’t that the affirmations don’t work. It isn’t that God doesn’t hear. It isn’t that the Universe…

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